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Serious relationship

Dating for love, creating a family, only with serious intentions


Age not specified

My city Москва

I do not call a man a fur seal and I'm not a kisul.

Who looks for pathos and glamor in the girl-pass by-me such men are not interesting. ...


31 year, 175 cm, 58 kg

My city Москва


I do not smoke, there are children, the purpose is only serious relationships ...


22 years, 172 cm, 53 kg

My city Чита (Россия)

Greetings to all those who know the word mutual respect.

I'm looking for someone who is at a loss from this site. But he does not lose hope to meet his love, no matter how idiotic it may sound. Married - pay attention to their wives, not me) ...


30 years, 186 cm, 70 kg

My city Москва

ku kuuu ...

I'm looking for an adequate person)! Although, while here you find an adequate person, a person will become inadequate)! ...


22 years, 178 cm, 68 kg

My city Кисловодск (Россия)

Looking for an adult and a decent friend

Spend just a little time to find yourself a pair! It's just that nothing happens in life ...


Age not specified

My city Новосибирск (Россия)

Looking for a girl

I seek my love. for family life and relationships. Divorced yet available ...


Age not specified

My city Гвардейское (Россия)

I am looking for in any country

I want to find my man!

- I love you. "You hardly know me." - And what does this have to do with love? - Very big. To love is when you want to grow old with someone. "I do not know anything about that." But when I can not live without a man, I know ...


34 years, 178 cm, 78 kg

My city Минск (Беларусь)

Interested in Минск

Shearsche la FAM

seek his moon for a serious relationship, one that agrees to take risks for the sake of others. I envelop you with care and affection. ...


Age not specified

My city Москва

I'm 30) I am glad to get acquainted with an interesting, intelligent and educated man ...

I do not go to clubs, I prefer to sleep at night) With mutual sympathy and goals, it's easier to meet than to lead a long and meaningless correspondence ... I wish everyone happiness and mutual love! ) ...


28 years, 174 cm, 65 kg

My city Москва

I like men who are under 30 years old: they have not made children, they have not divorced and to 30 -33 - they are ready for serious relations and not serious to me ✌

The guy comes in. Time comes, two, three. .. Looks at the cards (probably). Something in my head compares. I liked the dude. And then he pulled the belly all the same, scratched his turnip, collected his will into a fist, and decided to write the s...


39 years, 150 cm, 50 kg

My city Москва

Welcome) As long as we are unfamiliar-only communication on you)

I ask you to take into account, dear men, I'm not selling, I'm not buying) I respond solely for sympathy. Age limits are critical! I do not give a phone after three primitive compliments. Let's respect the desires and value each other...


40 years, 187 cm, 99 kg

My city Тырныауз (Россия)

"I am a happy man, but - something dissatisfied"

You see my clothes, but not my soul. You know my name, but not my story. The saddest thing is you need it. As for what kind of a person I am, I would put it this way: "I'm a happy man, but I'm somewhat displeased" ...


27 years, 172 cm, 69 kg

My city Конышевка (Россия)

Communication with me in the first month of acquaintance is somewhat like trying to get the badger out of his hole.

1) I do not drink, I do not smoke, I expect the same from a man. 2) She was not married, there are no children, again, I would like a man without children and ex-wives. 3) I read a lot. If you do not read and are proud of this, skip ahead. 4) App...


33 years, 168 cm, 68 kg

My city Москва

I am against mixing blood, I ask you to take this into account immediately. Albanian, Arabic, Chinese, Ethiopian, etc ... not my quiet harbor. Thank you for understanding.

men ... think about it) Astrologers say that the woman Virgo is an excellent candidate for creating a stable, reliable home. According to the horoscope, Virgo is one of the best wives in the Zodiac. The virgin wife in marriage is soft, delicate, c...


40 years, 189 cm, 103 kg

My city Мурманск (Россия)

I am looking for in any country

2018 has come

Doses. Take me on doses. Swift, like poison or medicine, You will forget without feeling a threat - You will regain consciousness in the far end of the kingdom. Knees leave your farther And put your elbows sharper, And in the voice add a loude...


41 year, 180 cm, 105 kg

My city Москва

A free man will get acquainted with a brave girl who knows how to write first and does not think that a man should and must!

Cheerful, athletic, easy-going girl, able to cook borsch and bake pancakes) Who will give birth to my daughter? ) Winking count as near-mind and complexes Every stupid woman thinks that she is the very special former, after which she will not be b...


Age not specified

My city Ейск (Россия)

I am looking for in any country

Hello everybody..!

Hello everybody..! I'll spoil my girlfriend). With mutual sympathy I will necessarily answer). Marriage agencies, matchmakers and various dating aides - happily pass by! ). ...


Age not specified

My city Свердловск (Россия)

Who said that time - heals?

They treat him with his heart, his deed, his gaze ... He heals the one who, taking over his shoulders, will say: "I'm with you" He heals the one to whom you believe ... Who will not let you - to mope ... Who will always open the doors ...


32 years, 186 cm, 87 kg

My city Москва

write about what is positive and the whole fluffy sense is not)

Alcoholic, lazy and boorish. PS with the perception of himself, holier than the Pope,) PS Exactly, not Makarenko,) ...


35 years, 164 cm, 58 kg

My city Москва

Seeking caring

only serious, do not care about ephemerides, I do not drink, I do not smoke ...

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