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Serious relationship

Dating for love, creating a family, only with serious intentions


Age not specified

My city Новгород (Россия)

I am I, You are you, and together one whole!

People are really happy, not because they are, but because they are a friend of each other) I want to meet a man, leave a dating site and more NEVER come back here) ...


26 years, 158 cm, 48 kg

My city Красноярск (Россия)

I'm looking for a strong man, one of those who create empires and ruin civilizations ...

If you are a pleasant appearance adequate in behavior, watch yourself, write maybe we will find a common language. I need a self-sufficient and wealthy man. I'm an independent girl, I'm not looking for adventures on the ass, so for starters ...


33 years, 190 cm, 90 kg

My city Москва

Congratulations, you found :) I'm 34.

Two higher educations. Without bad habbits. Really want to meet for a serious relationship. I believe in internet dating, because I know many examples. Write. .. but what if? ...


Age not specified

My city Кемерово (Россия)

Can you think of a greeting I have not heard yet?

Looking for a purposeful and funny guy who knows what he wants ...


Age not specified

My city Москва

I am looking for in any country

Looking for a woman for serious relationship

Kind, true, without pathos and cockroaches in my head - that's what I want to find ...


28 years, 175 cm, 60 kg

My city Ижевск (Россия)

The less in the head of expectations, the more surprises in life!

There are two types of men: those who can drag the refrigerator to the third floor, and those who can pay for it. There is a third type: those who can not either the first or the second. Here they usually yell about women's commercialism and deb...


Age not specified

My city Городище (Россия)

Let's go to the movies today!

only serious relationship! sex for money is not interested! ...


34 years, 165 cm, 60 kg

My city Москва

Soulful ... Ladies' man.

Take the accidental, and the destiny will happen ...) Children are, I do not smoke at all ...


38 years, 185 cm, 87 kg

My city Москва

Good mood to all) Not married, without a train of unfinished relationships, problems, loans and other troubled stories. Looking for the present and only

New Year's time for me is the time when it is possible to sum up the year of the departing, to make plans for the coming year. But in addition, this is the time when spiritual loneliness is felt especially brightly. When you understand that runn...


Age not specified

My city Красногорск (Россия)

Today I accept congratulations;) and make a wish: *

I live in Moscow ! In St. Petersburg on the affairs of a normal self-confident man, slightly brutal! Sex for money, lesbians, and people of southern countries are not interested, I'm sorry. Bad girl. I do not believe people from these sites) Wel...


24 years, 183 cm, 95 kg

My city Надым (Россия)

I do not understand attempts to get acquainted with sunglasses and gas masks.

I'm looking for a Muscovite with a higher education up to 35 years. Sense is not a propiska, but education. Especially interested are those who do not get, but earn, do not engage, but hire, actors, not performers. More precisely, I can not form...


29 years, 170 cm, 51 kg

My city Волгоград (Россия)

I am looking for in any country

Do not compose what is not.

I want to be alone, but for someone. I want to be in his pocket. I want to braid him with my feet, not to part, to feed, I want to hug. I want to be wanted. That it was a mighty good man. With the body, shoulders, age, smell. ...


25 years, 165 cm, 60 kg

My city Москва

I want to fall in love

I want to meet for a relationship. Sex is a good thing, but I'm not looking for him. Offer sex services and even more for the money is not worth it, do not waste your and my time. In the movies, cafes, take a walk and give a ticket after 2 ba...


Age not specified

My city Гвардейск (Россия)

where are you most beautiful and smart?

ready for a serious relationship, the guy in the prime of his life and beauty ...


Age not specified

My city Москва

Only for serious relationships and marriage

Greetings) I will be glad to get acquainted with a well-bred, successful, intelligent man with serious intentions! Men with obscene suggestions do not waste your time, you will not get an answer! Interesting is the one who can attract his masculine ...


27 years, 170 cm, 62 kg

My city Москва

I am looking for only a serious relationship

Attract people with positive thinking, ambitious, successful, with a healthy psyche and not only) Allergy to the psychology of poverty: poor losers - pass by .. You explain what the psychology of poverty is, or you yourself will pass by, with a pres...


Age not specified

My city Воронеж (Россия)

Interested in Воронеж

Looking for a girl

get acquainted with a girl for serious relationship! An economical faithful and able to cook ...


Age not specified

My city Москва

I do not call a man a fur seal and I'm not a kisul.

Who looks for pathos and glamor in the girl-pass by-me such men are not interesting. ...


31 year, 175 cm, 58 kg

My city Москва


I do not smoke, there are children, the purpose is only serious relationships ...


22 years, 172 cm, 53 kg

My city Чита (Россия)

Greetings to all those who know the word mutual respect.

I'm looking for someone who is at a loss from this site. But he does not lose hope to meet his love, no matter how idiotic it may sound. Married - pay attention to their wives, not me) ...

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