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Serious relationship

Dating for love, creating a family, only with serious intentions


28 years, 171 cm, 63 kg

My city Сургут (Россия)


Strange you people, women. You are so easy to frown sweet, abstruse speeches. You swing under them like a snake to a pipe, forgetting that a man is first of all silence and business. ...


36 years, 190 cm, 94 kg

My city Москва

The three main rules: earn, love one, travel.

Without an attractive appearance, no one is interested in what a broad soul you have. For this purpose, dating sites have been set up, to choose the obvious. Therefore, in the first place, I pay attention to appearance, then everything else. Prefere...


28 years, 162 cm, 47 kg

My city Санкт-Петербург

I am looking for a future husband, lover and friend in one person.

Dear men, if you do not care to meet anyone, you just need a phone or a meeting, then you need to meet other girls who likewise do not care about whom to spend their time. I meet and give a phone only to those who have intelligence, knows how to get...


Age not specified

My city Ключи (Россия)

A man must radiate strength and self-confidence, not material need and sexual concern.

Good afternoon, I'm Olga 52goda Sagittarius Once I was already married. And you know what I understood? A woman does not need a husband, a woman needs a man. Recipe for happiness: Take me, Love, Hug! And we do not share with anyone ...! All h...


28 years, 170 cm, 52 kg

My city Самара (Россия)

Previously, # men had # motto: I came, I saw, I beat!

It is said that in our time it sounds like this: I've tried, I'm scared, I've lost ... ...


33 years, 183 cm, 79 kg

My city Москва

How is your nothing?

- You want a big and pure love !? -I wish, but who does not want it. -Then it gets dark, come to the hayloft. ...


Age not specified

My city Аскино (Россия)


relationship looking serious married no children no, harmful habits do not have ...


29 years, 170 cm, 60 kg

My city Нижний Новгород (Россия)

I DO NOT HAVE A CORRESPONDENCE. ONLY REAL COMMUNICATION. I love flowers ... And yet, tired of living, do not write to me) only positive)

Seeking - Shambhala ...) Well, or at least the library of Grozny, the gold of Kolchak. The Holy Spring has already found) ...


32 years, 174 cm, 70 kg

My city Одинцово (Россия)

Damn charming! )

As a child, I was often dropped from the balcony when I grew up - I started jumping myself ... so I do not understand jokes) ...


Age not specified

My city Москва

Looking for a guy with a Slavic appearance! (I have nothing against it, it's a matter of taste).

Guys younger than me do not waste time, I have one child enough). Thank you for understanding. My photos. I'm 30 and I'm a lion, if for someone it's important) ...


Age not specified

My city Гуково (Россия)


How is yours anything ?????????????????????? and My excellent !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...


23 years, 173 cm, 64 kg

My city Воронеж (Россия)


An open, positive and successful girl ... I will be glad to communicate. Dear men, I respect your desires very much, but I do not render services of a sexual nature. Thank you for understanding) ...


25 years, 179 cm, 62 kg

My city Москва

In Moscow from the local. All is well, which is what I wish for you!

Already I give myself a report that the chance to meet here a person with whom will continue along the way, about the same as getting under a tank in the Moscow metro. And yet. Ideally, the firmly entrenched word "WE" in my vocabulary, w...


23 years, 166 cm, 55 kg

My city Москва

Come on forever!

You know these facts too! I'm so unique when. Your most crazy! Tell me only: Come on forever. ...


29 years, 173 cm, 65 kg

My city Владивосток (Россия)

only serious relationship

Very sweet and affectionate, I'm looking for my stone back, I do not smoke, I do not drink ...


Age not specified

My city Новгород (Россия)

I am I, You are you, and together one whole!

People are really happy, not because they are, but because they are a friend of each other) I want to meet a man, leave a dating site and more NEVER come back here) ...


26 years, 158 cm, 48 kg

My city Красноярск (Россия)

I'm looking for a strong man, one of those who create empires and ruin civilizations ...

If you are a pleasant appearance adequate in behavior, watch yourself, write maybe we will find a common language. I need a self-sufficient and wealthy man. I'm an independent girl, I'm not looking for adventures on the ass, so for starters ...


33 years, 190 cm, 90 kg

My city Москва

Congratulations, you found :) I'm 34.

Two higher educations. Without bad habbits. Really want to meet for a serious relationship. I believe in internet dating, because I know many examples. Write. .. but what if? ...


Age not specified

My city Кемерово (Россия)

Can you think of a greeting I have not heard yet?

Looking for a purposeful and funny guy who knows what he wants ...


Age not specified

My city Москва

I am looking for in any country

Looking for a woman for serious relationship

Kind, true, without pathos and cockroaches in my head - that's what I want to find ...

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