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28 years, 181 cm, 72 kg

My city Калуга (Россия)

I am looking for in any country

Do you want to talk?

I woman,and I Seeking for a man for serious relations

Hello, a stranger to me. Write me. If you want, you can not even say hello. If you want, do not ask how I'm doing. Do not need these platitudes. You do not have to ask who I am, what my name is or how old I am. A trivial way to start a conversation.

Write to me, tell me something, anything. Tell me what happened to you a few years ago. Tell me what you like to do in the evenings, what did you dream about yesterday. Which cartoon or movie you saw last. Or what book I read. In what game I played.

Anything, I'll be happy to listen to you. I like to listen to all sorts of different stories.

Whoever you are, I will be happy with your stories and stories. If you just need to speak out, write to me … Sometimes an unfamiliar person can say something easier than a loved one.


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