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Add yourself

Serious relationship

Dating for love, creating a family, only with serious intentions


32 years, 185 cm, 95 kg

My city Киров (Россия)

looking for smart, cute and relaxed

As soon as I heard "you should", as in me everything turned over and I again became incorrigible. ...


22 years, 164 cm, 47 kg

My city Москва

Looking for - Beloved, loyal, unique In the future, family and kids

I'm looking for a simple purposeful, guy, do not need to be sitting on the money and driving around in behe. Money can not take me. I am for a serious, faithful relationship. One night is not for me. A lover is not needed. Alpha male, too. ...


37 years, 180 cm, 70 kg

My city Химки (Россия)

Interested in Химки

He is single. Sr. relation.

Sasha. 37L. I am looking for a woman till 45л. for a serious relationship. ...


Age not specified

My city Иваново (Россия)

I am looking for a friend ... lover ... and just a good person ... :)

So, Lord, Citizens, Comrades! Got it! Let's start with not borrowing money from anyone! Therefore, ANYONE DOES NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING AND SHOULD NOT! Be Men! And not hysterical in the PMS! Yes I'm working! I do not like?! To prostitutes! Throw...


Age not specified

My city Панино (Россия)

I'm 23 looking for a woman to create a family

I am looking for a girl for serious relationship (marriage), without bad habits ...


Age not specified

My city Москва

Interested in Москва

Would go to the cinema

I am looking for a guy with whom I could go to the movies, I run, I like cooking, I work ...


Age not specified

My city Кангалассы (Россия)

I'm looking for a soul mate, so that once and for all ...

Absolutely adequate, educated, educated GUY with a sense of humor and charisma! Easy in communication! ...


28 years, 175 cm, 69 kg

My city Челябинск (Россия)

- What would you like from life? - A house by the sea with a view of a real man.

Ready for a serious relationship. I like to travel, rest at the sea and east ...


29 years, 170 cm, 83 kg

My city Березники (Россия)

I am looking for in any country

Dear men! See the questionnaire before I write!

I am looking for peace, comfort and family happiness! ) Men with frivolous intentions - please do not disturb! ...


28 years, 163 cm, 40 kg

My city Иркутск (Россия)

Married, in a relationship, regulars of the site, wishing to have fun, as well as insecure, leading tedious correspondence-pass by!

Mature, interesting man, with a healthy head, not living on the site, able to answer for his words and deeds, easy to climb, with black and white, preferably sporting ... aaaaaatakie generally exist? ) or just wink? If you read it to the end, you ha...


28 years, 173 cm, 59 kg

My city Казань (Россия)

I do not smoke or drink - it is ideal)))

I love caring, loving, responsible and reliable guys ... I generally like science fiction! ) ...


Age not specified

My city Москва

I am looking for a person for real meetings, communication and relationships ...

Long correspondence is not interested ... If you are so-chat in an Internet-better not write, I already have someone to talk to! I love people, easy to climb, because he is ... If you want romance, walks in the night Moscow, emotions, write) ...


Age not specified

My city Москва

Interested in Москва

Love without borders

I want to fall in love with that girl who will love me so much what I am I caring myself an actor I like to cook deliciously I like cleanliness do laundry washing so that I have a wife delighted with my husband and all the more in the evening an int...


31 year, 169 cm, 54 kg

My city Волжский (Россия)

what you are looking for is looking for you too

That from which I will have goose bumps A respectable and generous man❤❤❤ The one who does more than says " ...


Age not specified

My city Архангельск (Россия)

I'm not afraid to seem weak and I give in to the initiative to start a conversation with strong men

I will be glad to get acquainted with a man, 30-37 years old, free from obligations to other women, with the purpose of creating and developing relationships. I tell about myself gradually, in the process of communication, things are going well for ...


Age not specified

My city Новопокровка (Россия)

the faith of women in men's promises is ineradicable

There are only 3 categories of men on the site. The first, this is the rapid rate, which from the first sentence write let's meet. Second, it's sexually preoccupied, who are even willing to pay, but to be given. And thirdly, it's about a...


36 years, 183 cm, 93 kg

My city Липецк (Россия)

I am looking for people with similar interests for communication and friendship. Please read the questionnaire carefully. Thank you for understanding.

Some people are so poor that all they have is money. I am looking for the one who will become both a friend and a mistress, companion, friend, t to I do not want to look for them on the side. Cooking and washing, and I can, even very well, so that t...


21 year, 160 cm, 55 kg

My city Москва

From a smile the gloomy day is lighter)

I am looking for a self-confident man with adequate self-esteem, educated, strong, and also with a good sense of humor and knowing what a sense of tact ...


Age not specified

My city Елецкий (Россия)

I am looking for in any country

Dear people without photos and with an empty questionnaire, forgive me, what do you want to get in response to your: "Hello!"? :)

The owner of exquisite manners, elegant spontaneity and a rare sense of tact ,. .. still can not understand. Where and how,. .. all of this enjoy ...? ...


29 years, 170 cm, 57 kg

My city Санкт-Петербург

I want a normal healthy relationship leading to something, a relationship in which partners would be a support for each other

I am an absolutely ordinary person, like all other people around me, only with my "extraordinary" history, with my curious life situations, with my dreams, some of which have only recently been realized;) But the most important is yet to c...

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