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Add yourself

Serious relationship

Dating for love, creating a family, only with serious intentions


Age not specified

My city Санкт-Петербург

I am looking for in any country

I am modest and very perfect! ;)

Sorry. but I do not answer questionnaires without photos. If you think all the girls are mercantile and do not understand why the girls need to open the door to the car and pay for it in the cafe, we do not have anything to say initially, we will no...


29 years, 170 cm, 55 kg

My city Москва

I am looking for in any country

If you love pumped lips, hair extensions, glued eyelashes and nails, silicone prostheses instead of breasts, and also - there is no

Positive, well-bred, well-groomed, without cockroaches in your head! Reliable! Wealthy! NOT interested in single meetings! Interested only in attitudes based on mutual sympathy, respect, worthy of material support, attention and care! In general, ev...


Age not specified

My city Москва

I am looking for in any country

Need a good woman!

Need a good woman. It is very necessary, and very good. Write !! ...


Age not specified

My city Брянск (Россия)

I am looking for in any country

seeking a woman

I am looking for a serious relationship. Very sociable and open to dialogue ...


43 years, 164 cm, 62 kg

My city Гомель (Беларусь)

I am looking for in any country

Life is a fascinating journey, I'm looking for a fellow traveler!

I would like to meet a person who is serious about a joint life, caring and reliable. ...


38 years, 180 cm, 78 kg

My city Москва

Looking for a relationship

Looking for a girl of 18 years for a permanent relationship ...


27 years, 174 cm, 53 kg

My city Москва

I'm looking for a close companion in spirit))

I prefer to remain a mystery than to write banalities or embellished reality in order to get married as soon as possible :-) I want to meet a young man in order to create a family with him in the future, which will be a small kingdom where relatives...


Age not specified

My city Ростов-на-Дону (Россия)

Interested in Аксай (Россия)

I'm looking for a landlord in the house. friend, nature lover, fishing. maybe I will not become a favorite, but will become just the right one

widow. 49 years old. I am looking for a friend in life. blonde eyes blue, pleasant fullness. I live with my son in my house ...


Age not specified

My city Порт-Сент-Мэри (Остров Мэн)

I am looking for in any country

Interesting beautiful good smart)

I want to talk with educated sports erudite cute girls who know what they want from life. If you ask to communicate, I can come to visit or invite to my home, I live in Kazakhstan in Aktau. Party girls, tp, smokers, shabalki, go further. I'm an ...


33 years, 170 cm, 60 kg

My city Видное (Россия)

I like to have fun, especially to eat)

Men, I do not trade myself) And if you do not know how or you are just too lazy to take care of a girl - close my profile once and for all! Ready for a harmonious long-term relationship. I know what I want and I go to my goals, the main value is lo...


Age not specified

My city Пенза (Россия)

Interesting is the one who can attract his masculine and human qualities, and not just status.

Welcome to the presence of signs of intelligence on the face and the absence of a wife let's observe the age range in order to somehow be mounted together ... I do not like complicated people .. and belly. ...


33 years, 168 cm, 60 kg

My city Самара (Россия)

I do not want anyone, I do not want anything, although there is no .....

I love art, creativity and shawarma. The character is heavy, the behavior is unbearable. I smoke, I swear, I go into drinking bouts. I'm looking for a non-smoking and non-drinking man who loves ballet and Russian classical literature. ...


31 year, 153 cm, 50 kg

My city Москва

I am looking for in any country

I'm looking for an intelligent, kind, self-confident and caring man! I want to love and be loved! Are there any real men? I do not answer winks!

Self-confident man in the literal sense of the word. Love of all life, why am I looking here? Because I believe that if fate is, then you can meet that only among fakes, perverts and other garbage, which is very much there, but I believe that men wh...


32 years, 183 cm, 80 kg

My city Москва

Russian, single (divorced), no children. All is well, thank you!

I dream to get acquainted with a tall, slender, kind girl. .. What, have you already read it? ... Wait, oh .. well, I did not mean to say that, you misunderstood me: well, how high, which means slim, yes it's me, it seemed to you. .. Well, in ge...


32 years, 185 cm, 95 kg

My city Киров (Россия)

looking for smart, cute and relaxed

As soon as I heard "you should", as in me everything turned over and I again became incorrigible. ...


22 years, 164 cm, 47 kg

My city Москва

Looking for - Beloved, loyal, unique In the future, family and kids

I'm looking for a simple purposeful, guy, do not need to be sitting on the money and driving around in behe. Money can not take me. I am for a serious, faithful relationship. One night is not for me. A lover is not needed. Alpha male, too. ...


37 years, 180 cm, 70 kg

My city Химки (Россия)

Interested in Химки

He is single. Sr. relation.

Sasha. 37L. I am looking for a woman till 45л. for a serious relationship. ...


Age not specified

My city Иваново (Россия)

I am looking for a friend ... lover ... and just a good person ... :)

So, Lord, Citizens, Comrades! Got it! Let's start with not borrowing money from anyone! Therefore, ANYONE DOES NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING AND SHOULD NOT! Be Men! And not hysterical in the PMS! Yes I'm working! I do not like?! To prostitutes! Throw...


Age not specified

My city Панино (Россия)

I'm 23 looking for a woman to create a family

I am looking for a girl for serious relationship (marriage), without bad habits ...


Age not specified

My city Москва

Interested in Москва

Would go to the cinema

I am looking for a guy with whom I could go to the movies, I run, I like cooking, I work ...

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