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A girl is looking for a girl \ woman. Kiev

I am
Once upon a time there was a girl: she was no longer a girl, but not yet aunt … And she had a rough husband who believed and said that she loves. He lived with a computer, and she was with children. So many years passed, patience was coming to an end … and she thought: — "And will not I find a beautiful fairy, with which it will be good both with the soul and body" …
I am a well-groomed Kiev woman of 30years old, athletic body. Glaza- blue. At the moment-blond. People say that beautiful)
I do not drink, I do not smoke, and welcome in the partner!
Attention of men is not deprived, but I do not want to start a lover, in order to avoid problems.
I am looking for a fairy with whom we will be pleasant to communicate and spend time. It is desirable, with cars, to leave far away in beautiful places.
I'm not obsessed with sex, no less than money. If you want to give gifts or somehow express your feelings, I will be pleased, but this is not the main criterion for communication. The main thing is to have something to talk about and laugh.
I'm not a lesbian, but I like communicating with beautiful, well-groomed, unencumbered women and men.
Send your suggestions with a photo and, at least, a brief story about yourself.
!!! Couples, feminists, youth, etc. are not suitable for the above-described person, do not waste our time please!

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