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44 years, 182 cm, 80 kg

My city Астана (Казахстан)

I am looking for in any country

I am looking for a woman for a baby. 15000 $.

I am male, and me looking for a woman I want to hire for jobs plus relationships

I'm not looking for a model, simple healthy, high, without excess weight.

I will not tell much about myself, I'm 46, higher, economics, do not judge, I drink a little dark beer and wine, I smoke a little, healthy, blood group 1 (+). I have my own small business with a stable income.

I am looking for a woman who agrees to be the mother of our child (I am the father, you are the mother), and will leave him (the child) to my upbringing. A gift for the birth of a child 15000 $.

At your request, I am ready to transfer this amount to you in installments. I will explain, let's say, the arrival of $ 1000, pregnancy $ 5000, the birth of the remainder.

Ready to discuss your terms.

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