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40 years, 162 cm, 60 kg

My city Черемхово (Россия)

I am looking for a girlfriend for communication and joint development.

I am looking for a woman for friendship and nothing but friendship

Hello everybody! My name is Natalya. I want to find an interesting woman who has common interests with me. Despite the fact that I have something to do sometimes I want to get from someone the right information or to inform myself something new that I learned, share my successes, be happy for the achievement of another person or just talk about everything in the world. I write poems, I like to read books on psychology and esotericism, I love pop music of 80's and any beautiful music, I like Indian serials, I like to knit, I study languages. She is a teacher of English. I compose rhymes for children and for myself, helping to memorize many words.

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